Cambridge Professional Certification


Cambridge Professional Certificate in English Language (CPCE)




Cambridge Professional Certificate in English Language (CPCE)

 Student may attend  Cambridge Preparatory period in person or on the internet and then take the exam on the web for Cambridge professional Certificate in English .

Cambridge Professional Certificate in English Language -CPCE comes in 4 major specializations:

1.Business English

2.General English

3.English for Communication

4.Report Writing


Duration  three months 120 hours where the last 30 hours dedicated to the English language for special purposes where the certificate issued by the type of specialization required ... Communication, Business, General , etc.


Cambridge Professional Certificate in English


Business English

 Level of English Language must be at least intermediate level and above at the start of the session otherwise the student may attend in a normal English  Language course up to the required level

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This certificate is available after direct registration . access is available for  examination on the internet or after a preparatory period on the internet .

Registration is valid for 3 months in all cases.
You may take the exam immediately after the registration OR
After the preparatory period or on the Internet OR
After attended preparatory period.


After examination you will receive a certificate of completion ( online ) while your official international certificate  will be issued from Cambridge Britain.


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Fees is fixed in all cases except to attend the preparatory period .

Course fees three months 120 hours 2000 pounds include the course and exam on the internet and Cambridge professional  Certificate in English from Cambridge UK