Cambridge Professional Certification


 Cambridge ( TEFL) Diploma



What does (TEFL ) certification mean?

Anything that you study about TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) that gives you a certificate at the end can be defined as TEFL certification. In practice, though, TEFL certification or TEFL certificate usually means a standard initial qualification that includes at least 100 hours of instruction and at least six hours of observed and graded teaching practice.


Teach English As A Foreign Language ( TEFL)

Cambridge Diploma

CITC TEFL  cuts through the fluff and filler  and gets you to the heart of TEFL teaching faster than any other course.

How to do a Demonstration Lesson?  It's here ..... Grammar?  Learning Theory?  Board work? Group and Pair Work? All here.
Will you know what to do first day on the job?  You bet!

 Entry Requirement:

Student Must be at least intermediate level and above

Web based program.


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Course Syllabus ( 20 areas)

1.  How to Get Started

2. Lesson Planning

3. How to do a Demo Lesson

4. Pronunciation

5. Teaching Reading

6. Teaching         Listening

7. Teaching English ESP

8. Error Correction

9. Gestures and Cueing

10. Games and Activities

11. TEFL Teaching Methods

12. Boardwork

13. Grammar

14. Edutainment

15. Teaching Writing

16. Teaching Business English

17. Discipline

18. Student Motivation

19. EFL Resources

20. Finding a Job


This diploma is available after direct examination on the internet or after a preparatory period on the internet or after a attended preparatory period and then sit for the exam on the internet.


Registration is valid for 3 months in all cases.
You may take the exam immediately after the registration OR
After the preparatory period or on the Internet


 Course fees 2500 SDG include preparatory session on the internet and the exam on the internet,  Cambridge Diploma in Teaching English as Foreign Languages ​​from Cambridge UK


Click here to see example page of this course online


The whole course is Online with Online live support .

At the end of the course you will sit for final exam online and you will receive a certificate of completion which you can print it online while your official diploma will be issued from Cambridge Britain