The mission of CITC is to seek, verify and apply training programs related to Languages, Management and IT, and to disseminate this knowledge through student education and public outreach programs


Since CITC opening  in 2003, over 12000 students have enrolled in various courses at CITC. Students, including adults, business employees, community residents, and university graduates, are attracted by the small classes, professional instructors, ideal location, affordable tuition and flexible course offerings. In CITCs Schools there are more than 400 child.

 The environment enables students to enjoy their classes and study areas and open surrounded by flowering gardens and beautiful lined walkways.


CITC aims to provide its students with an educational experience of the highest quality. Quality matters to everyone: staff and students alike have an important part to play in maintaining quality. As a student, you will be encouraged to make your contribution to the process of ensuring that courses are both excellent and relevant. You can do this through our well-established student affairs policy and involvement in the English Club and the monthly  forums. CITCs Academic Department is responsible for CITCs wide academic standards, the implementation of quality assurance procedures and establishing the framework within which CITCs Boards of Study work.

Other compelling benefits for adult learners at CITC are:

- Fall, spring, and summer terms ( All year )

- Convenient evening and weekend classes.

- A curriculum design that balances theory and practice.  Fully qualified professional trainers (British , Canadian & American)

- Collaborative learning emphasizing teamwork among center and students

- Student/Class average  16. 

- CITC also offers online learning through the internet

CITC Sudan has been highly equipped and prepared to provide high standards of education and training, with professional native speaker teachers. CITC Sudan is an approved affiliate of CIC Britain, CIC Canada , IPMA Britain, all international centers of CIC around the world,  Member of the International Association Of Teachers Of English As a Foreign Language , and in corporation with The British Council.

The Center's campus

The Center's campus and academic buildings are located in Khartoum Center, Obaid Khatim Street - Juba Cross,  Omdurman Center in Mulazmeen - Ghandi Street, Bahry Center in Schools street  and we also offer children programs in our Kids and Schools Center in Khartoum- Taief -Nakheel Street and Omdurman Kids and Schools Center - Nile Street.